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Interesting Links :

* SMAK Production House ( SPH ) :)

3 Soc 2 Hommie Created by a Webmaster, Andi Hermanto

3 Soc 3 Hommie A page dedicated to all 3 Soc 3 Students

3 Soc 5 Hommie 1998 Generation .... 3 Soc 5 Homepage

Octa's Page A Crazy boy page.. but looks cool ! :) (1998 Generation)

Fransiska's Page A Page created by a girl (1998 Generation)

Andi Heryanto's Page A Masterpiece by Andi Heryanto (a 1998 Generation student)

Chocobos SMAK 1's Class 1-1 Homepage.. One of My Friend's :)

Victor's Homepage One of SMUK products .. try it... many MP3 ! :)

* Anime Area (Japanese Cartoon)

Anime Web Turnpike  You like Anime ? Go here =^.^=

Tokimeki Gallery A Galery dedicated to "Toki Meki Forever with You" 's fans

Otaku World A Page for Otaku , = Anime Freak  

* Indonesian Area

Indonesian Daily News Hot news around Indonesia... as hot as as KFC Hot'n Spicy :)

The Truth About Indonesia Today Wanna know what's really happen in Indonesia ? Find it here

* Emulation Area

Zophar Domain Full of useful junks !

RPGe Video Game Translation An organization who translate games on EMU

Square Planet Planet filled with games !

* Game Area

Anime Playstation  The Best Playstation page on the net .... But now stop updating........ :`(

PlayStation Gamer - PSG Da Best Playstation Page for PSX Gamer ! (After Anime Playstation)

Gamefaqs  Need some hints ? Try find it here

Gamefan On-line  Wanna read some Gaming News ? Try it here!

Sega Sages Great place to find games' infos !

Video Game Spot Hmm.. this spot looks great ! :)

PSMonline An awesome page, full of PSX news around the world , updated mostly daily

GamePro One of the web's magz

* IRC Area

# CERIA A great channel to make u happier :)

* IRC Script Area

IRC - Central Nice place to find Scripts and Add-On for your MIRC

Mirc X  ? Try yourself

* Adult Area  (must be 17 years of age or more or other who are ready for these subjects)

Cerita-Cerita Seru  WOW !! Full of Indonesian Adult Story !

SeruSaru Archives Great !! An Archive full of Story from many source !!

* Program Area

ZDNet 's Hotfiles  Need some programs ? Try find it here... maybe You'll get it :)

Tucows Wow...Cowss ???

* Musics Area

Super MP3 A super page for MP3 listener !

Music Central 98 Great Music page... featuring Real Audios and MP3

* Sports Area

World Wrestling Federation  Like Wrestling ? Try find it here

Joe's Page Great Infos 'bout wrestling

World Championship Wrestling Weeee... Aree... thee championnnn :P

Wrestle Maniacs Just for Maniacs

* Other Links

Diffy Hmm.... Mickey's friend ?? Guess I'm wrong...It was Goofy.... :P

Aneka Yess!! Yess !!! The best Indonesia's Teen magazine around!! Now available on the net !

Indovision The best TV Cable in Indonesia !

Iklan Baris Advertising !! Cheap and sells many second hand's thingies !!

Yahoo!! Greatest Search Engine around !!

Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-Based Email

Microsoft The productor of all important programs :)

Cybernet Cheap Internet Service Provider  ... only 150000 -> unlimited for 3 months..... Great for our hobby !! (Stingy) :) 

The Links here are collected from various sources, I'm not responsible for its contents. Thanx.

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