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Puisi-Puisi Cinta

Nih Puisi buat kalian-kalian yang lagi jatuh cinta !

Story of one heart
At the beginning of history
Our hearts were just as one.
We all had a partner
A soul our souls would share.
But we did not appreciate love
And took it for granted.
The more we said we loved,
The more we didn't show we care.
And so we were separated by time
On a quest to find each other
Through life's greatest trials
The weakest one will despair
Lonely souls have went on life
Forgetting their goal to reach
And try to fill the empty space
With everchanging things.
They look for love in various places
Hoping they'll find it there
Just like I said,
'Tis what they do,
They search and do not feel
If men and women have cause to fear
I know just what to say
It is to feel you are unloved
And all alone out here
But if we lift our hearts
To our God and King
And serve Him wholeheartedly
He'll lead us back
To whom we belong
In perfect time
In his perfect will.
This thing called love
People everywhere around me
They tell me what love is
I heard it's something magical
An awesome feeling of butterflies inside
It will surely make you feel good
And bubbly all the time----
But some times are better than others
Love can sometimes break your heart
Now I have to make a choice
After all the things I've heard
How Am I supposed to know?
Till I take the chance myself
I've already made up my mind
And know exactly what to do
For the first time in my life
I will welcome this thing called--- LOVE

How am I supposed to know
That love is for real?
How am I supposed to know
Who to give my heart to?
All I know is
The day would soon come
When my greatest dreams
Would finally come true
Everyday I wait
Every moment I dream
That he will be here
And embrace me in his shoulders
And together...
We will dream

Moment of meeting
Even if we've only met
Seems like I've known you for so long
If maybe not in this time
In another time too perhaps
My heart longs to be with you
To touch your lovely face
To feel your glowing presence
Fill up my heart's empty space
 I hope you find the chance
To place me somewhere in your heart
To be your comforter or your friend
Only time will tell what's next

More than Just Friends
It started with friendship
And that was all it was to be
But then after a while
It was much more than a smile
I can feel my heart beating
Shouting out for your name
I couldn't stop shaking
And being around you is not the same
 I tried to hide my emotions
 Tried hard not to let it show
 But even so, I want you to know
Just how much I love you so
Why I believe in you
I believe in you
I believe in me and you
I believe in dreams
'Cause you're one that came true
I've never given my heart to anyone
Not to a single soul
As if I was waiting for someone
And I know that someone is you
You never tried to impress me
And pretend to be someone you're not
You never asked for anything
Or made empty promises
You came as yourself
And you believed in me
You just took my hand
And that's more than enough

I love it that you love me
I love it that you love me
And when you tell me how you feel
I love the way you touch my hands
And hold them close to your heart
I love to feel your heartbeat
As my heart beats in tune with yours
Together---we make music
Wonderful harmony we call "Love"
I love being with you all the time
So I cannot stop telling you how much care
And forever I can stay with you
Co'z my love for you will never depart

If time should come
    If time should come
when the sun won’t rise
I have nothing to fear
as long as you’re here, with me
When nights are cold
And skies are gray
I think of you
And I’m okay
You calm the storm
Of mixed emotions
that flood my soul
with fear and doubt
You take away the pain
of my past heartaches
And replace it with joy
And contentment everlasting
The saddest thoughts
that haunts my soul
All flee away
with thoughts of you
True Love
Love is blind for some people
but my love has million eyes
to see all the good things in you
You have touched the deepest part of my heart
the place that no one has ever been before.
You grow the seeds that I never forget to water.
I took a good care of them so it won't die...
but know, that you are gone
You leave me trembling like an injured bird
I want to fly...high to the sky to catch you
but my foot stuck to the ground
I see the clouds where I use to play ...
Then I know that you took my heart with you
I want nothing more than
to be able to turn to you one day
take your hand in mine,
and look into the face of the one
I fell in love with years ago.
I'll always love you.

Living without you love
Living without your love torments me
Your love is the only thing
that could set me free
I want to hold your hand
I want to talk to you
and make you understand
You broke me heart and I let it heal
but I know for you I will always feel
I'll never stop thinking of you
and wishing so deeply
that our love would come true
You went away
because you could not stay
One Day, I will see you again
and this you may deny
But somehow inside I know
that isn't a lie
Then my wish will come true
There will be love between you and me

Love as an ultimate power
Love is something that cannot be brought or sold
Love as what people say is a wonderful feeling
And love is how it brings
People closer to each other
Love cannot be force or to fake it
But it can cure one's pure heart
If you would to ask me to stay
I would stay
If you were to go
With all my pleading
I would beg you to stay
That's what love is all about
And that's why I was born to love and not to hate
Some may say with fake feeling
that love is sufficient to light up one's life
But whatsoever it's true
But to pur it out on someone else
That has to be straight from the heart
And not just merely words
But words of love
That's why they call it
Love as an ultimate power to one's life

Love is.....
Love is a thing
That cannot be explained
Love is a disease
That cannot be healed
Love is a mystery
That cannot be solved
Love is a game
Which makes my heart bleed
I wonder when can I find my true love?


The feeling of Love
Love to me is the most beautiful thing
Yet it makes me feel rather awkward
Love has many faces
Yet I have never really found one that is suitable for me
Now I want to stay right where I belong
To the guy that I feel and love most

When I told you
When I told you that I love you
You push my love away
Then I feel so sad
But what is love to you
that never satisfy your soul
I give you all I have
Just to be with you
and you break my heart to pieces
This I have never regret
For I know that I belong to you
And one day your love will come running to me
Asking me for more

Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the sun don't move
Doubt truft to be a lie
But never doubt I love

Puisi-puisi ini didapat dari suatu site . Kita jangan mo kalah donk. Kalian-kalian kalo ada yang mau menambahkan dengan kreatifitas kalian, oke deh.. pasti gue terima dan gue pasang, juga ntar gue tulis identitas pengarangnya :)

Kalo mo mengirimkan hasil karya ke DITUNGGU YAH ! :)